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We are working on cutting-edge biology, based on the breakthrough science of our world renowned scientific founders. We are looking for passionate researchers who are as excited as we are about the future of treating human disease. If you are an expert scientist in RNA and/or cancer biology, or on your way to become one, we are interested in hearing from you!

If you do not find yourself in the positions below, but are still interested in working with us, please send your cover letter and CV to:

Dr. Shomir Ghosh
Chief Scientific Officer

Research assistant/Associate in cell biology

We seek an individual with 2+ years of post-graduate experience either in an academic research laboratory or industry to develop and perform mechanistic cell-based assays which will directly support our drug discovery efforts.


  • Growth characterization and maintenance of adherent and suspension human cancer cell lines for various downstream molecular biology applications

  • Modulate cellular targets using short term siRNA or plasmid DNA transfections, and stable knockdown and overexpression delivery methods

  • Generate and analyze data from cell migration, invasion, proliferation, and luciferase reporter assays

  • Profile gene expression and protein changes in cell lines via qPCR and Western blot

  • Participate in and present results at internal group meetings

  • Design, conduct, and interpret studies to validate new targets in the miRNA/ncRNA space, using cell biology and biochemical methods


  • B.S. in cell biology or related field with at least two years of experience in academic research or industry

  • Strong research experience in cancer biology and/or RNA-dependent regulatory mechanisms

  • Extensive experience in mammalian cell culture, generation of stable clones and various cell-based assay methods including invasion and proliferation assays

  • Motivated, independent self-starter comfortable in a dynamic, fast-paced start-up environment

Only Boston/Cambridge Metro Area residents will be considered for this position

Please send resumes and any other supporting materials to:

Dr. Robinson Triboulet
Twentyeight-Seven Therapeutics

We have an immediate opening for a Senior Research Associate in Biochemistry. The successful applicant will bring their expertise and perspective to both ongoing studies of established targets and early stage discovery and characterization of new targets. In addition to making critical contributions to routine discovery processes, this team member will have opportunities for learning and advancement in an exciting start-up environment.


  • Execute the key assays that drive optimization of our lead compounds

  • Collaborate with group scientists on high priority tasks, including purification of target proteins, development and optimization of new assays, and mechanism of action studies

  • Work with Chemistry Dept. to manage our growing collection of barcoded compounds

  • Lead group effort to integrate data generation with the company’s Arxspan database

  • Present findings and bring critical thinking to group meetings and informal discussions


  • A demonstrated ability to design, troubleshoot and execute microplate-based assays, and experience operating liquid handlers and platereaders and analyzing quantitative data

  • Proficiency in most experimental methods commonly used in biochemistry labs, and a pro-active approach to contributing to lab maintenance and operations

  • Motivated, independent self-starter, comfortable in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, driven to contribute while cultivating good cross-team relationships

  • B.S./M.S. in Biochemistry or a related field with at least five years of industry experience in drug discovery or related scientific endeavors

Only Boston/Cambridge Metro Area residents will be considered for this position

Please send resumes and any other supporting materials to:

David Wilson, PhD
Twentyeight-Seven Therapeutics

Senior Research Associate in Biochemistry