Twentyeight-Seven Therapeutics

Developing Small Molecules to Target ncRNA Biology


Twentyeight-Seven Therapeutics is a focused on the modulation of functional non-coding RNA (ncRNA) to treat cancer and other human diseases.

By targeting ncRNA modulating proteins (RMPs), we can use small molecules to modulate expression levels of oncogenes and other proteins of significance in disease. The company’s core technology comes from its four founding scientists, all leading researchers in RNA biology and cancer from Harvard Medical School.

Twentyeight-Seven (28-7) is led by a management team with decades of experience in company creation, drug-discovery, and scientific management. Twentyeight-seven’s lead program is aimed at the discovery and development of small molecules that increase the levels of the tumor suppressor microRNA (miRNA), let-7, into serious cancer indications. Founded in the spring of 2016, Twentyeight-Seven’s investors include MPM Capital and Novartis Venture Fund, Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JJDC, Inc., Vertex Ventures HC, Longwood Fund, and Astellas Venture Management. Twentyeight-Seven’s laboratories and offices are currently located in Cambridge, MA.